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March 5, 2020

Grows well for Bangalore Weather 

Poinsettia Plant?

How to care for the Poinsettia Plant?

Like most plants, it needs watering but not too much. It is best to keep the soil moist but not wet not dry. Also, be aware to drain the excess water . Poinsettia needs at least 5 hours of indirect light during the day. Poinsettia is highly recommended for Modern homes and offices as this a hardy plant.

March 4, 2020

A club house always combines a social human activity with the fact of being in the middle of a natural environment. The project maximizes this combination: social interaction, it is a “ club” and landscape; A certain centrality, recognition is always needed; By being a clubhouse, no matter it is a small building, the project is the center, the heart, of a big natural area: it needs visibility without being invasive in the landscape.

The project consists in a series of rocks, stones that lay in the middle of the landscape, offering that presence and visibility disguised in a natural context:They are rocks in the landscape, and they are materialized according to that. The rocks put together become the clubhouse. The organization of those elements make the main building linked by a common landscape area . The Building completely opens to the landscape, the niches, spaces in between the volumes are fully glazed: the surrounding landscape is framed and brought inside the building....

March 3, 2020

Fiberglass Planter Product Features:

  • Light weight

  • Durable

  • UV protection

  • Simply, clean design style which works with any décor

  • Ideal material for extreme climates

  • Frost Resistant

  • With UV protection

  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use all year round

  • Supports direct or indirect planting

  • Material is similar to what is used for corvettes and boats

  • Life span with proper care many years

  • High style

  • Can be cleaned and polished with car wax to add UV protection and maintain the factory finish

  • Water resistant

  • Able to be refinished

  • Large selection of shapes, sizes and color with matching finishes that compliment one another

  • Custom sizes available upon request

  • High quality flawless construction

  • Attractive décor enhancers

  • Ideal for commercial or residential use

  • Minimal care and maintenance required (occasional wax/polish)

  • Self watering system available (for those without a green thumb)

  • Built...

February 1, 2020

Lush green grass works as an amazing ground cover that can be easily combined with flooring materials such as stone, porcelain, wood, or even concrete pavers, to create interesting landscape designs spaces. The best part about combining grass with these flooring materials is that the outdoor space not only looks more welcoming but also becomes comparatively easier to maintain than a full lawn. How? The hard surface materials function as a walking pathway or zone, so one does not damage the grass patch by walking on it with shoes, which usually happens in an all-grass lawn. Also, tile surfaces are easier to clean and maintain.

If you are looking for a well-designed as well as maintenance-free outdoor landscape design, here are few

 inspiring ways to combine grass and other tile materials. 

November 1, 2019

5 Elements Landscape providing best Landscaping services in Bangalore.

August 10, 2019


In today's busy life, people hardly have time for even themselves so giving time to architect their home as dream home is even more difficult. May be many people can manage to architect their homes but there are many more who are not able to do so. So for those people we have a great service which will surely make them happy & relaxed. 

If we talk about home, every person wants his/her home to look undoubtedly beautiful. A normal house can have terrace, backyards, garden, balcony, landscape as its parts and these parts are the main areas where we can show our talent of architect. Not only houses but restaurants, hotels, resorts, offices, malls etc. can go for the architect of indoor or outdoor spaces of their


It not only give soothing effects to people living there but also other people visiting there will get impressed and will try the same thing in their place too.In this way, dream of architect the outd...

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