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Being in a city like Bangalore an individual can only dream of maintaining a garden, all he can  do is plant some plants in his balcony or terrace, so that he can have some sense of joy.


But now it is possible for everyone to have a small garden of their own with the help of landscape architects.


These architects will help you give a clear idea what all can be done in the balcony or the terrace so that people can utilize the most of their terrace and balcony. They can help people make their surrounding more greener by providing them with samples of lots of plant, so that they can choose from these wide varieties of plants in order to add elegance to their places.

Multiple plants -Balcony Garden
Contemporary - Balcony Garden
Synthetic Grass & Pebbles - Balcony 
Flowering -Balcony Garden
FRP planters -Balcony Garden
Vegetable garden - Balcony 

Types of Balcony Garden

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