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Landscape Garden Design


Landscape Garden Design. 5 Element Landscape provides landscaping services in Bangalore like Consultation, Stone, Deck and Paving, Aesthetic Garden, etc in the most convenient ways while taking environmental factors into consideration.

Landscaping services in Bangalore


The basic Landscape Garden Design services in Bangalore consist of consulting, where this landscape architect discusses the possible ideas and outcomes that can be achieved while using a particular set of designs or products.


After a perfect set of designs are chosen, the next step is to map these designs out, this one of the most important task that landscaping services carry out.

Landscape Garden Design | 5 Elements Landscape
Landscape Garden Design | Bangalore


Landscaping services also watch over the construction process of a particular building, this is done so that each and every detail of the designed plan is followed to the last inch.


Landscaping services are also dealing with changes in the outside, though it is furniture or different species of plant, they can change it all give you a perfect lawn that has been desired by you. 

Stone, Deck, and Paving
Stone is multipurpose, they can be used for the walls, chimneys or any place that you can think of as an infrastructure but when these stones are used for creating pavements in a lawn, they add a sense of beauty to all of its surrounding thus making your lawn more beautiful and appealing and this task is carried out beautifully by Landscape Garden Design services.


Aesthetic Garden

Landscaping services in Bangalore can help you create some of the most beautiful and aesthetic gardens and in this process, they can use some wasted material, so that every process becomes environment-friendly.  Aesthetic gardening also helps to cover the spots that might hinder the beauty of the gardens, with the use of proper tools and equipment's this task can be completed with ease.




1. Softscape


  • Kitchen Garden

  • Guiding planting work

  • Garden Décor

  • Container Garden

  • Indoor Garden

  • Fruit flowering/nonflowering

  • Organic Garden

  • Butterfly Species attraction

  • Technical Specs for planting and plant material

  • Bird Bath/Birdfeeder

  • Terrace Garden

  • Vertical Garden

  • Planting plan, details

  • Estimates


2. Hardscape


  • Swimming pools

  • Water bodies, cascades

  • Amphitheater

  • Reflexology

  • Sit outs and Decks

  • Low wall, planters, curbing

  • Garden walkway / Pathway

  • Steps / Ramps to access site levels

  • Retaining walls if any

  • Driveway and parking areas

  • Pergola / Pavilion / Trellis

  • Landscape Irrigation

  • Paving patterns, surface treatment


3. Earthwork


  • We create a mound-like structure so that water or any such element does not hinder the outdoor.

  • We also design slopes so that rainwater harvesting can take place.


4. External Lighting


  • We guide you to pick out the type of light that will be best suited for the desired location.

  • We also guide you to find out the perfect location for each type of lighting.


5. Outdoor Leisure Activities

  • Tennis courts

  • Play area

  • Exercise Areas

  • Outdoor Indoor play equipment

  • Volleyball / Basket Ball

  • Flooring

  • Synthetic Lawn/Grass

  • Sandpit

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