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Landscape garden design

Green Wall

With population increasing day by day, it has become quite a task for people to follow their hobby. And one such hobby is of gardening, people always want to be connected to land and soil but because the land is bare minimum it is quite a troublesome task.

In order to overcome this problem people in urban cities have switched to vertical gardening. Now the question is what is a green wall?

As the name suggest this particular type of gardening is done vertically. Have you ever watched a money plant, the concept of green wall is somewhat similar to money plant, just as the money plant  takes support of the wall the same way this particular type of gardening is done on the wall. But if the money plant doesn’t get support it keeps on growing whether it is on the ground or any other place.

Green Wall try to sooth your soul and help you minimize your tensions to bare minimum. Apart from that these green wall purifies air before it enters into our surrounding environment.

Advantage of employing 5 elements

  • With the help of new mindset and techniques we are bringing  revolution to the gardening experience in India.

  • We have working experience in terms of vertical gardening.

  • We have allotted a lot of time in designing vertical gardens.

  • We have been successful in providing what our customer requires.

  • We try to work hard to make the appearance of one’s building more greener.

  • Our research helps us to provide desirable outcomes. We can keep the plants healthy for a longer period of time.

  • We also provide after services so that the customer can take a sigh of relief and any stress and work is done by our team.

  • We can always talk about budget first so that we can help
    you in the best possible way.

  • You can use any type of watering system, in order to
    make your plants look fresh and lively.


You just have to relax and let our professionals do the work for you; we try to keep your garden green and healthy for a long period of time.

Green Wall - Vertical Garden - Bio wall  : Hanging Pot - Black color

Vertical Garden Wall Hanging Pot - Black
Vertical Garden Wall .jpg

Green Wall - Vertical Garden - Bio wall  : commonly used plant species

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