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Residential Gardens

Residential gardens have nowadays become a major part of our surroundings . The theme selected for residential gardens defines the houses and the people living in it. Weather your trying to discover the right style for your garden. Or you have been doing gardening for many years, you would find the below styles to guide you through the right style that suits you. The Space planning would be designed by us in drawing format as per your requirement, you could then opt for the landscape style as per your taste. You would be given a detailed Hardscape plan, planting/landscape plan, grading plan, material plan, lighting plan . we would also suggest garden decor items to enhance the entire landscape.

  • Kerala Style

  • Bali style

  • Modern gardens

  • Mediterranean gardens

  • English & cottage style gardens

  • Tropical Gardens

  • Eco friendly Gardens

  • Mogul Gardens

A budgetary cost based on the SFT (Area)would be given by us during our visit/plan after discussing the client requirement & site conditions . This would also be beneficial to you for the multiple ideas /solutions we provide based on your discussion and site restriction/conditions / Site Images. 

Post finalization of the Design Drawing ,you would receive a detail BOQ (Hardscape & Softscape ) on the costing of the entire project .BOQ also includes the total no's/type of plant species whit the procuring Heights. So as the client could execute by themselves if desired

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