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Terrace or Rooftop Garden Bangalore

A terrace Garden / Roof Garden is any outdoor living area in an apartment villa or a commercial Space. It sometimes may refer to as Patio or Balcony. It is basically a relatively level paved or planted area adjoining a building. This keeps a house or building dry and provides a transition between the hard materials of the architecture. Landscape Contractor in Bangalore provides such terraces. Balcony Garden is nearly the same but is less beneficial than the terrace gardens. They often occur in urban areas which are terrace architecture elements that extend out from an apartment or residence at any floor level other than ground level.


Terraces’ are often discussed as roof gardens, although they are not always true roof gardens, instead being balconies or decks. These outdoor spaces can become lavish gardens through the use of container gardening, computerized trickle water system and other available outdoor furnishings. And Landscape Contractor in Bangalore provides the best options for Rooftop Gardens or Terrace.

Landscape Services in Bangalore works towards providing the best garden on the roof of a building. The Roof Garden has lot of other benefits besides the decorative one. Roof plantings may Fully grown Vegitable' FruitGarden, temperature control, hydrological benefits, Aesthetically soothing to our eyes ,natural surroundings and  recreational opportunities. It may even provide environmental benefits. The practice of cultivating Vegitables/Fruits on the rooftop of buildings is sometimes referred to as rooftop farming.

Why Terrace Garden ?

Nowadays planting within cities is widely recognized as a way to improve air quality and reduce overall heat. But lack of space and overpriced land makes it difficult to increase the amount of parks and natural space. This is when rooftop gardens come into the picture. Due to this reason terrace gardens have become more and more popular over recent years, particularly in larger and more developed cities.

Rooftop gardens look good, have a great view, and provide a smart and quick way to enjoy a quiet retreat in the heart of the city. But beyond their decorative benefits, there are many other impressive and important advantages to building rooftop gardens & terrace Gardens.  “Landscape Architects Bangalore” gives their city people an opportunity to create stunning terrace garden for their home in their way.

Rustic terrace design
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Benefits of Terrace Garden

Closer to Nature :

Nature never fails to provide peace to an individual. Hence, Terrace Garden is a way to be close to nature and experience peace and relaxation to a certain extent.


Access to Fresh Eatables :

Terrace Garden gives everyone a chance to get accessible to fresh and organic eatables. 


Natural Medications :

Through terrace garden one can plant many medicinal plants which can be very helpful. Some of these include Aloe Vera, Ginger, Tulsi, Mint, Curry Leaves and much more.


Reduce Pollution :

Plants have a tendency to increase the oxygen production. Having a terrace garden simply means expanding the progression of oxygen and accordingly lessening pollution.


Beneficial for Rainwater Harvesting :

Terrace gardens hold water and helps in directing the temperature. They additionally capture the rainwater and diminish the weight on sewer frameworks when the stream is strong.

Cooler Temperatures :

The standard dew and evaporation cycle keeps the outside of the rooftop cool. Henceforth gives a cool domain inside the house. Another reality that holds heat under tight restraints is that the light that is consumed by all the plants present on the terrace garden may otherwise turn into heat energy. 


Stylish advantage:

Terrace Garden makes home outwardly engaging with its presence. The look which Patio provides our home is totally beautiful and beyond imagination.


Terrace Garden has been the most new and fast adopted idea by people in India. Hence, 5 Elements (Landscape Architects Bangalore) is initiating in this work and helping people convert their terrace into an elegant terrace garden where they can hangout with peace. We have the skills to use limited space and turn it into a beautiful Terrace Garden. We design, describe and develop the porch to change it into a beautiful garden, complete with things like yards, sitting areas, rock paths, plants, vegetable greenhouse, etc. We are rapidly improving and developing our capacities, allowing our client's surprising arrangement possible results.

Landscape Architects Bangalore is prompt in their services. We will always try to maintain, create and design our clients’ terrace garden and never let them down.


With our affordable maintenance package, our clients will have trained professionals visiting their homes who will ensure that the terrace garden always remain lush & green. 

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