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Landscape Garden Design

Fence Options


Concrete fence.png
PVC Spear Fence.png
Dog Ear PVC Fence.png
FRP Fence.png

Concrete Fence

PVC Spear Fence

Dog Ear PVC Fence

Dendrite Screen.png
Circular Star Screen.png
Bamboo Vertical Grill.png
Bamboo Trellis.png
Bamboo Screens.png
Bamboo Screens Vertical.png
Reverse Leaves Screen.png
Autumn Leaves Screen.png
PVC Coated Hexagonal Gabions With Rocks.png
MS Welded Mesh Gabion with Cut Stones.png
MS Welded Mesh Frame Gabion With Pebbles.png
MS Welded Mesh Frame Gabion with Cut stones.png
Grey Trellis Fence.png
Kaledoscope Screen.png
GI Hexagonal Gabions With Rocks.png
GI Welded Mesh Gabion with Stones.png
Fuzzy Pebble Screen.png

FRP Fence

WPC Fence.png

WPC Fence


Brick Red Trellis Fence.png

PVC Trellis Fence

Pure White Trellis Fence.png
Ivory Trellis Fence.png

Landscaping architects are very innovative they work for money but at the same time, they want their customers to have a feeling of satisfaction. A landscape architect should be thorough with their work, work experience count but the young talent also need to get hired maybe they are more innovative than the old landscaping architect.

Garden Plan Examples

Click on any of these garden plans included in 5 Element Landscape and edit them:

garden plan
Garden Plan
park plan
Park Plan

Landscaping Graden

Landscape garden has become one of the newest trend and more and more people are trying to follow it. Landscape gardening is on another level as compared to normal gardening.

Landscape gardening use all the possible tools of designs and technology so that they can provide you with some of the most elegant and magnificent architecture. Whether it is homes or offices, landscape garden can be applied to any set of architecture.

The best part about these landscape garden is you can get pure air anytime anywhere, though it be a restaurant, offices or even your home you can enjoy fresh and pure air anytime anywhere.

Advantages of hiring 5 elements:

Landscape Garden Design | Bangalore
  • We have always been first in the fields of landscaping garden.

  • We would always work hard in order to utilize maximum space provided by you.

  • We would work our level best in the fields of landscape designing.

  • We would try to choose the best possible plants from a wide

  • variety that will suit the architecture.

  • If you ever think of some theme that should be applied to your
    gardening we would help you out, with the help of latest
    technology and creative designs.

  • 5 elements help you to get the ultimate finish, so that you have a sense of satisfaction as well a sense of belonging to the place.


Our team will help you to maintain your garden to the fullest so
that you can have a fresh sensation every time you walk among
the flowers in the garden with some beautifully crafted pathways, our people will try to keep your garden forever young.

Landscaping architects in Bangalore


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