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Home Outside FAQs

What information will you need from me to create a design?

We’ll ask you for your Property Plan and Wishlist . You’ll answer a brief questionnaire about your aesthetic preferences and the kinds of activities you want to do on your property. You’ll also send us up to 15 photos of your house and yard.

How long will it take for me to get my design?

You’ll receive your design within two weeks of submitting your project information to us—often sooner!

Is there a property size limit for your design services?

Our service is intended for small properties, but we have done conceptual designs for up to 3 acres; however, the design for a very large property will not be as detailed as for a smaller one.

Do I have to have a property plan or survey in order to use this service?

No. If you have one, that’s great, but if not, we’ll request you for the landscape area and photos  of your house and yard.

Should I include the things that I want to add in my plan?

You’ll send us a property plan that shows your existing landscape and a wishlist that tells us what you’d like to add. You can add anything you want us to know that we might not see just by looking at your plan or wishlist.

If there are trees/shrubs/stuff in my current plan that I’d like to remove, do I note that on the plan or on the wishlist? Or should I just leave them off the plan?

Include those on your plan, but add a note to tell us that the elements will be removed. Similarly, you can include notes to tell us about planned future renovations, like an addition on your house.

Will your design include plants that are right for my planting zone?

Our Landscape Design Layout will include general information about what kinds of plant material to put where (e.g., “low evergreen ground cover” or “tall shrub to screen view”). Our designers will suggest plant varieties that are recommended for your hardiness zone, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic preferences.

What if I forget to include something on my plan or wishlist? Can you add it once you’ve completed my design?

If revisions are desired based on information that was not provided initially, we can make those revisions based on the what stage the project is at.

Is it possible to get a plan that includes more of a 3D view so I can be sure I like the design?

Our 3D View sketch shows what your landscape will look like after the design is implemented. This is an additional service for Rs.8000

Can I get a 3D View if I did not purchase a Landscape Design Layout from you?

Yes, if you have a property plan. Since the sketch requires a significant amount of work to calculate distances, elevations, etc., we can do it at the Rs.8000 rate only after completing your Landscape Design Layout or with a good property plan.

If I purchase two designs, will they be completely different?

We’ll apply our creativity and expertise to making the designs as different as possible, but there may be similarities simply because there is one best place to locate a feature in the landscape. We won’t place items elsewhere just to make the layout different if it would result in an inferior design.

If I buy 2 designs, can you merge elements of the two for me?

Yes, we’d be happy to create a hybrid design that combines your favorite features from both. The fee for this service is $149.

If I’d like to tweak your design, will I be able to edit it in the app?

Yes. In addition to the PDF of your design, we’ll send an app design file that can be opened and edited right in the Palette app.

Can I call you to discuss elements of my wish list that are too hard to convey in the app?

If you can convey the additional information in under ten minutes, please feel free to call us. If a longer conversation is required, you may schedule a 30-minute call for $49.

Will you own my final design or will I?

You will own your final design.

Will your design be something I can give my landscape company to build?

If you purchase a Landscape Design Layout (Landscaping Services in Bangalore) and planting plan package, you will have most of the information you need to build your project. If any additional hardscaping specifications are needed, we would be happy to consult at our hourly rate. What we cannot detail in any project are grading and drainage, for which you will require a local landscape or engineering professional.

Do you have examples of your designers’ work that I can review before I decide to buy the Home Outside service?

Our Home Outside design team is made up of the landscape architects and designers of the renowned design firm JMMDS. Browse the portfolio to see photographs of their projects.

If you post my project on your site, how will my privacy be protected?

We respect your privacy and will never reveal your name or address, only a general location such as “Southern California” or “Boston area.”

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