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Club house Landscape Design

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

A club house always combines a social human activity with the fact of being in the middle of a natural environment. The project maximizes this combination: social interaction, it is a “ club” and landscape; A certain centrality, recognition is always needed; By being a clubhouse, no matter it is a small building, the project is the center, the heart, of a big natural area: it needs visibility without being invasive in the landscape.

The project consists in a series of rocks, stones that lay in the middle of the landscape, offering that presence and visibility disguised in a natural context:They are rocks in the landscape, and they are materialized according to that. The rocks put together become the clubhouse. The organization of those elements make the main building linked by a common landscape area . The Building completely opens to the landscape, the niches, spaces in between the volumes are fully glazed: the surrounding landscape is framed and brought inside the building.

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