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5 Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

1) Faster installation

Fiberglass pools from Crystal Pools can be installed in as little as seven days.

2) Durability

3) Lower maintenance

Fiberglass swimming pools are known for being virtually maintenance-free. That’s in part because of the durability mentioned above, but also because fiberglass offers a smooth, less porous surface. The smoother surface prevents algae growth, which is common with other pools that have more crevices (especially concrete).

4) No liner replacement or resurfacing needed

All vinyl liners eventually need to be replaced. But with fiberglass pools, there is no liner.

5) Lower lifetime cost

Fiberglass pools typically have a higher upfront cost than vinyl liner pools, for example. But when you consider the low maintenance and other benefits, fiberglass pools ultimately cost you less to own over the long term

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